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Anheuser Busch

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Hurricane Malt Liquor

Welcome to the message board for Anheuser Busch Hurricane Malt Liquor. Enter any comments, experiences or opinions you wish about the beer.
Note: The opinions represented here are not those of the BrewPalace staff - they are of its patrons!

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3/9/2003 12:28:03 AM  snarch  putang  this stuff kicks ass, its awsome 
3/9/2003 12:30:54 AM  snarch  putang  this stuff kicks ass, its awsome, this stuff got my girlfriend drunk and i got laid, its totally awsome, ladies love it 
2/13/2005 7:19:22 PM  ha  md   i go to school and my mascot is a hurricane and i drink hurricanes its great  
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