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Company: Hurlimann
Brand: Samichlaus
Type: Lager
Rating 4
Alcohol %: 14.0%
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Latest Sample Date: 6/3/2005
Appearance: Amber, clear. Thick pour
Additional Info:
Brewed only one day each year on December 6th. For a long time, was the world's most alcoholic beer (until Sam Adams Triple Bock came a long)
It is to be served in a plain coffe mug.
Tasting Impressions:
Wow. Sweet, sugary. Like it has a Rum and caramel base. Very high in alcohol. Super strong presence & flavor. Thick, heavy and syrupy. No bite, hoppiness or bitterness. A little bit mouth numbing from the alcohol. Think of a tawny port - maple syrupy.


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11/16/2003 10:25:09 AM  Steve  Ohio  I just had this beer this weekend, and it is awesome! I got so drunk! 
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