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# Beers 3668
# Bottles and Cans 4262
# Bottles 4242
# Cans 20
# Bottles and Cans this Year 1
# Projected Bottles and Cans 3
# Companies 1070
# Countries 79
Avg. Alcohol 6.94
Avg. Rating 3.27

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Welcome to Information center
Here is where you'll find information about the BrewPalace - how it was made, how to use it, what it looks like, who helped in its construction, etc.
Want to know how works? What makes it tick? Who runs it? What about how the beer is rated? You'll find it all here in the FAQ.
A few tid-bits of interesting information about the BrewPalace and its bottle collection. For example, the smallest bottle of beer I have is a 1oz bottle of Guinness!
Think the BrewPalace is full of it? Don't think one person has all of these bottles? Take a look at these pictures and see for yourself.
Given the enormous undertaking of acquiring beer bottles from around the world, I received lots of help for others. Just wanted to say thanks.
Although the emperor of the BrewPalace is a lifelong position where I cannot be voted out of office, that doesn't mean I don't want your input! If you have any comments, ideas, or noticed some errors, please let me know.
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