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Thanks to the following people...

Ed & Jo (My parents), The number 1 contributor of beers from Europe, Asia, and Australia.  Ed travels extensively, and never returns to the States without 50 lbs. of beer in his carry on luggage.  Also added heavily to my beer glass collection (via methods that involve questionable ethics)
My drinking buddies, fellow Bubba Brewing Group memebers and original members of the now defunct "Beer Club" TJ Chen (Bubba), Andy Prior (Prior), Steve Lin (Steve); Chuck Connelly (Chuck), Kevin Fitzpatrick (KFitz), The Harrimans (Luke/Mark/Waltor & Michele)
Kristin (my ex-girlfriend) Before we were dating, she brought me some beers from Hawaii.  Now she tolerates this insane hobby. No picture by request.
Many Co-Workers and clients over the years Sometimes people would bring a few beers back from their trips or would help me out when I was travelling with them.  These people are: Jim Haseman (Hawaii), Tim "Sanchez" Rosato (South America), Jeff Moll (France),Jose Luis Pacheco (Mexico), Denis Liebaert a bottle of 3 Monts from when I was in France, Rick Abbott (Mars, I think), Tyler Radford (Boston), David Williams (Gilroy, CA), Jon Ghiloni (everywhere, USA)
Fellow Homebrewers Chuck Parmer, John Hsu, Pete Omberg, Gail Knight, Don Lazarcheck, Don Brewster(via Deb & Gus Vazquez), Mike Caspar
Jarheads The Tilzers (Brian and Lisa)added a few from their fridge.  The other Jarheads (Creatin, Druggie, Luke, Rosen, Busta and Dave) just provided good drinking buddy support, the most important kind.
Other supporters (in some form or another) Mike (my bro) even though he still likes cheap beer. Dennis & Barbara Lowry, along with Katie have served me more liquor than I care to remember. Brent Han has brought me no beers yet, so I will put a picture of him on the internet for all to see. Dave Pierce & Ramit Varma also had quite a few drinks with me.


If you were supposed to be on the list, drop me a line and let me have it!

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