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Crown Lager

Welcome to the message board for Carlton Crown Lager. Enter any comments, experiences or opinions you wish about the beer.
Note: The opinions represented here are not those of the BrewPalace staff - they are of its patrons!

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9/15/2004 12:38:42 PM  Ross Montelbano  Shreveport, Louisiana  I discovered Crown Lager while on a Rotary Exchange in 1995. I've been back 2 more times and always drink more than my share. I have never been able to find it in the US, even in New Orleans, Dallas or NYC. Is it sold anywhere in the US? Ross Montelbano 
11/20/2004 2:23:42 AM  Stewart  Australia  Hi Ross, There is a new beer kit just on the market [homebrew] that is suposed to equil crown lager i have just got one but it isnt ready for tasting so if you got hold of the package and started homebrewing youd have yourself a nice suply, so if youd like more info let me know , Stewart. 
1/4/2013 9:52:54 PM  zdSfEuzVSUQv  QzTCBkAFJw  By far my favorite epiosde haha I love the reactions .this beer is absolutely nothing definite party beer..just something to chug down all night to get a nice buzz 
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