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# Beers 3668
# Bottles and Cans 4262
# Bottles 4242
# Cans 20
# Bottles and Cans this Year 1
# Projected Bottles and Cans 3
# Companies 1070
# Countries 79
Avg. Alcohol 6.94
Avg. Rating 3.27

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Bottle Collection Pictures

My Office

American, mostly pacific northwest, with the top row being small Belgian bottles.

Belgian, including some of the nicer and larger ones.

Guest Room

Hard to see, but there are 3 shelves of all Germany (1 row of Austrian).

These two are next to the german ones, and hold Belgium and The Netherlands.

All American.

Hallway Going Upstairs

these 4 shots are alongside and above my staircase going upstairs.

All US for upper shelf.

Show the shelf from the last picture plus a large shelf with mostly american, one row of Belgium at the bottom.

Shot from the top looking down. 2 shelves on the right are the same from the last two pics above. Facing are US & Belgium big bottles. Along the left are more from the US plus some Spain. These are hard to reach!

Close-up of the large case with some of the big boys.

As you first go up the staircase, this is what you see, and all you can see from my normal living area (so I can pretend to be fashionable are respectable)


These first 3 are all along the same wall, going right to left.

From bottom to top: Australia, New Zealand, France

From bottom to top: Canada (Bottom 3 rows + middle row), Africa (most of it), Switzerland/Sweden, South America & Mexico

Nearly all US, including rows for the big 3: AB, Miller & Coors. Top row is India & some Africa

UK, trying to keep Scotland, Ireland & Wales on the left there.

Far left: Asia, Carribean, & Misc; Right facing: Russia (top), Denmark & Norway (middle), Scotland/Ireland. Right wall (not facing) is Italy and Eastern Europe (Poland, Check, Hungary, Slovakia, Romania, Bulgaria, etc)

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